♥ Farfalle with Kalamata Olives, Chargrilled Capsicum, and Cherry Tomatoes

I'm not a steak lover, so whilst the boyfren was happily enjoying his porterhouse steak, i continued to busy around the kitchen preparing my dinner~ farfalle with kalamata olives, chargrilled capsicum strips, and cherry tomatoes (topped with basil). I decided to cook it aglio olio style because i wasnt quite in the mood for much tomatoey sauce that night. I just realized, as i was uploading these pictures and typing away on my laptop, that i had forgotten to throw in some bacon! It would have tasted that extra bit more delicious with some bacon, dont u think? ^_^


suki pooki said...

Wow this look delicious...okay maybe for me minus the olives though LOL it looks so colourful and happy! I think food that looks nice and pretty taste better (which might be one reason why I rarely eat steak and not much of a meaty lover) lol

Mica said...

i cant emphasize enuff my LOVE for olives! i can eat them straight outta the glass bottle/plastic takeaway box frm the gourmet deli section of the supermarket.i noe many pple cant stand that sourish-salty taste of olives, cos bf's 1 of them too. but i love love love them! ^_^