♥ french toast for breakfast!

French toast is amongst one of my most favourited breakfast options! I like my french toasts golden brown to the extent that they're slightly burnt and i love them extra crisp on the outside. I usually savour them, with much enjoyment, with honeyed/maple syrup and peanut butter! The honey, coupled with the added crispness, topped off with the sweet scented aroma of the brown sugar used to sweeten the egg mixture, makes this breakfast option taste heavenly!

I used plain hot dog buns for my breakfasty french toasts. I split each hot dog bun into half, then sliced each half into 3 almost-equal-sized pieces. Whisk a couple of eggs into a bowl and remember to sweeten the egg mixture with some brown sugar! I found that using brown sugar instead of the usual white sugar gives the french toasts a wonderfully sweet and satisfying aroma as they are being pan-fried. Dip the buns into the sweetened egg mixture and set aside for a short time, just to allow the sweetened egg mixture to 'seep' deep into the centers of the buns. Heat some oil/butter in the pan and when it's warmed up, pan-fry the soaked-in-egg-mixture bun pieces until golden brown and crisp on the exterior! Place aside on baking paper or table serviettes to remove excess oil. Arrange the french toasts on the plate, drizzle a generous amount of maple syrup/honeyed syrup, then apply an equal generous amount of peanut butter on the top surface of each french toast. Enjoy!!

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