♥ Lakkkkkkkkkkksa!

Over the course of my two-month holiday back in Singapore, I had indulged endlessly in curry laksa with lean roasted chicken meat, tau-pok, and potatoes. The laksa gravy is to die for! Very coconutty and extremely fragrant, so i couldnt help but indulge in spoonful after spoonful of that very spicy coconutty gravy! My mum reminded me constantly that the coconut gravy is high in cholestral but i totally disregarded her valuable advice and continued in my indulgence! Here's my version of laksa~ my version included: Hard boiled eggs sliced into half, butterflied shrimps (tails removed), lots of tau-pok (thinly sliced), and even MORE potatoes and slices of fish cake! Yummms~~ Click here and here to be redirected to recipes! (Note: I cheated! I didnt cook it from scratch; i used the Prima Taste ready-to-cook package).

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