♥ impending visit from home

My best gurlfren will be in town from the 16th to the 20th!! These snapshots were photographed during my most recent summer-break holiday back home in good old sunny Singapore:) Looking forward to saturday!! In the meantime, there's heapsload of packing, arranging, cleaning, and the works to do, cuz obviously my room is in a mess, my bed is infiltrated by piles & piles of heaped clothings, and the carpet in my room is in dire need of vacuuming >_<

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suki pooki said...

Wow this looks like such a nice starbucks, I wish we had starbucks like this! Our starbucks is more of a "to-go" place even though there are chairs and tables, the drinks always come in take out containers too! It must be so nice to just sit and stip starbucks out of a ceramic mug!

Singapore looks so nice and warm and good for shopping! I hear the shopping there is awesome! Is it true?! Did you have lots of fun?

P.s Im loving your bag =P