♥ the guinea piggie's peanut buttered french toast!

My dear boyfren decided to take over the kitchen and make me some afternoon snack. He decided to attempt Hong Kong-style french toast! 2 slices of white bread pressed together, with peanut butter spread within, dipped in egg, pan-fried/deep-fried, and then served with honeyed/maple syrup & butter (ours omitted butter cuz we didnt realize we had none left in the fridge). I must say he did a fantastic job with the french toast! I felt so pampered, all i had to do was watch him from the sides and take 'backstage' snapshots of him & his masterpiece!

Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on 1 slice of white bread. (Note: Do not be overly generous with the peanut butter. The boyfriend applied a very thick layer and the peanut butter started oozing out from the sides when the toast was being pan-fried!)

Whisk/Beat the eggs, add some brown sugar, and set aside.

Combine the 2 slices of bread and dip it into the egg mixture. Make sure every part of the bread is covered with egg).

Heat oil/butter in pan. Hongkong-style French Toast is usually deepfried, but we wanted a healthier version (and also didnt want to waste so much oil), so we decided to pan-fry it (but with alittle more oil than usual). Place the peanutbuttered and dipped-in-egg bread onto the pan and start to pan-fry till 1 side is golden, then flip the bread and pan-fry the other side.

A very camera-shy boyfren in action (he tried to avoid being photographed by covering his face with his hoodie). He was trying to flip the bread over (p.s. he needed the assistance of 2 frying sticks! haha).

After much bugging (and he probably got tired of trying to shun my camera) he finally tilted his head slightly and gave a smile ^-^

Trying to crisp the edges of the toast...

Drizzle some maple syrup & enjoy with some butter and of cuz a nice warm cuppa coffee! (We omitted the butter cuz we didnt realize we finished our previous tub alr). Thanks darling (), the french toast tasted awesome, better than those we get @ HK-style cafes :)


suki pooki said...

You bf is so sweet cooking for you!!!! Mines doesn't even know how to make rice in a rice pot!!!! OMG I KNOW RIGHT?!

My mom makes these types of french toast too, she loves them a lot but can't eat too much since she is diabetic! I personally don't like them too much since they're a bit more on the oily side =P and it's scary to make because of all that oil jumping everywhere!!!

Oh no worries! I've already just re-added your blog!!!! Im glad your back now and everything is back to normal! I like this layout better than the other one too because the font shows up better =)

Mica said...

yeah i kinda like this backgrd better too, simplicity is the best policy sumtimes:)

haha bf is ok ard the kitchen, but i kinda barred him frm cooking cuz his dishes are way too bland for my liking... i like food that's strong-flavoured, as strong-flavoured as possible! >_<

yupp deepfried french toast can b on the oily side! tats y i normally just pan-fry them. they dont taste as crispy though. sumtimes i cant help but think that the oiliness enhances the taste of the toast. the oiliness, coupled with the faint sweetness of the maple syrup... heavenly! but yeh if ur mum's diabetic, go slow on these!