♥ cookies that'll make u smile

For afternoon tea on Thurs, i baked us some butter cookies with mini m&m choc!

I didnt do everything from scratch. I kinda cheated by purchasing Betty Crocker's box of m&m cookies easy-to-bake flour mix, which came complete with a packet of miniature sized m&m chocs. All i had to do was to add in 1 egg and 1/3 cup softened butter, then knead the mixture until a dough forms. As simple as ABC!

I pinched a small amount of dough, rolled it into a ball, placed it onto the baking tray (lined with baking paper) and gave it a gentle push on the top to flatten it slightly. I decided to bake 2 types of cookies, plain cookies and cookies with m&m chocs.

A snapshot of freshly baked cookies fresh outta the oven and a snapshot of another batch of cookie dough ready to be oven baked!

My very 1st batch of cookies! Before i took this pic, i had already stolen a cookie, hence the empty space on the 1st row from the right ^_^

Da-dang! Mission accomplished! We enjoyed these cookies with some coffee (for me!) and horlicks (for my honey!)


KANI said...

hello <3!
yes i'm so glad my mum never threw those scrunchies out because i am so ever in love with them. i don't know why! i just love using them to tie side pony tails and the ones she had are so bright and retro and colourful!!

ps these button cookies are so cute, are they super tiny because they look adorable! <3

ochikeron said...

Hi mica,

So do I! I baked cookies yesterday! hehe

You cook most of the time!!! How often do you cook?!

I don't cook every meal... and we eat out on holidays... but recently, we found take-outs save a lot, so we do that once in a while. I simply serve the food on our plates which look like home-cooked meal. I will post about it someday because we have many delicious take-outs in Japan and I want to share that info, too :D

KyandiiCandy said...

hello Mica! those cookies looks so funny!=D actually i thought the m&m's would melt wahaha since i've been with my boyfriend we cooked a lot together but mostly it's he cook and i just help him with wash the veggies or something like that wahaha XD i'm happy that my bf can cook XD but i should really learn it =P so i really love your blog! =D you explained everything very clear! so i can learn a lot from your blogposts! =D thankyouu! xx

suki pooki said...

Those cookies look delish! I want to reach into my screen and grab all the ones with chocolate in them hahahahahaahaahaha

Most places here that serve afternoon tea will provide a box of leaves for you to choose from but they usually have a limited range of teas =( You really have to find a highly specialized place if you want a large range to choose from! Oh yes! Microwaved scones don't have nice crunchy steamy affect as freshly baked ones do! I love hot scones, hot enough to burn me!

hahaha as for bf, he wasn't mad I picked such a bitter tea, I mean he did LET me pick it =P hahaha no I don't think your violent, speaking of violent Im actually fairly violent with my bf, I constantly smack him and hit his arm, of course he never does the same to me though lol do you hit your bf playfully often?