♥ Serradura (木糠布甸)

Finally, a dessert post! Today i made Serradura (木糠布甸), a Macau dessert specialty. I first came across this dessert through a HongKong cooking show, "Beautiful Cooking" (美女厨房), where very pretty actresses/models are invited to the show to test out whether they are good cooks. Chinese have a saying that a good wife should not only be presentable in terms of physical & facial beauty, but that she should also be able to excel in the kitchen and cook yummy dishes that can tie down a man's tummy, so that he'll be more reluctant to find 'supper' elsewhere (入得了厨房 出得了厅堂). Most of the pretty models & actresses who were invited to the show failed horribly in the kitchen and there're many parts of the show where u're guaranteed to be laughing till your tummies hurt! It's a really entertaining cooking show, and i got to learn stuff along the way too, such as this particular dessert, which is both appealing to the eyes and to the tastebuds! :)

Basically, these are the ingredients that you'll need! Cream, Marie Biscuits (crushed till powdery form), Condensed Milk, and Vanilla Essence (i omitted this cuz i didnt have it in my kitchen). For a detailed recipe, click here to be redirected!


ochikeron said...

Hi mica!!!

You made a lot recently while I was away. hehe

I will catch up your posts!!!

How can you keep yourself slim while cooking that lot?! That's why I go to GYM...

See you again :D

Mica said...

that's cuz the boyfren eats 99% of whatever i cook! ^_^