♥ The Little Elephant's Spam & Egg Fried Rice

Spam and egg fried rice~ a very tasty, appetitie-whetting, and convenient dish to whip up for lunch, especially when appetite is lacking and whenever i feel lazy! My version features EXTRA spam and EXTRA eggs; I love my plate of fried rice to be filled to its brims with spam and eggs. With each spoonful, my tummy feels a hundred and one percent satisfied!!

Instructions: Chop up spam into small cubes. Whisk eggs (note: remember to add some salt to the egg mixture). Using a rice spatula, roughly 'chop' up the leftover rice to separate the rice grains (leftover rice grains tend to 'stick' tightly together). Heat oil in pan, add in the cubed spam pieces and pan-fry till slightly crispy. Pour in egg mixture and allow the omelette to set for couple minutes. Using a wooden frying stick, slice the spam omelette into huge chunks and push to the sides of the pan. Add in the leftover rice in the middle of the pan and give the omelette and rice a good fry. Add in some shaoxing wine and continue to pan-fry the rice. When the rice is about ready to be served, add in some light soya sauce and kecap manis. Spoon onto plate, garnish with some chopped scallions (or fried shallots), and serve with some chilli!

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