♥ writing tag!

Morning lovelies! I've been tagged by the beautiful Suki-Pooki sometime around late March for a writing tag and it seems like i've taken FOREVER to blog about it. My sincere apologies! Before i proceed to upload the snapshot of my handwriting, i'll like to thank my dearest blog friend, Suki-Pooki, for her unwavering support all this while. You're truly a valuable friend, and a very sincere one indeed! Loving you lots

And now...

Back to the writing tag... Sorry about the not-so-clear snapshot; it did look crystal clear on the iphone! I've forgotten to pack in my digi cam into my luggage, so it's back home in singapore; hence i've to make do with lower quality pics taken with my iphone *sobs*

What i had to do: 

What is your name or blogger name?
Your blog's url
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
Favourite quote
Favourite song
Favourite band or singers
Anything else you'll like to write about

I'll tag... Jenia (Sprinkle My Life), Angelina (In Choklad I Trust), Ochi [Create Eat Happy :)], & Kani (K is for Kani)!


ochikeron said...

Thanks mica!!!

I love your hand writing and the presentation idea :D
I will try when I have time!!! hehe

I never used ebay after buying non-authentic tiffany... X( I might have been careless, though...

Mica said...

Ochi dearest:

I only buy vintage clip-on earrings from Ebay, and stay away from those branded items, so i guess it's much safer this way! How did you find out that the Tiff & Co. prdt u purchased was non-authentic?


suki pooki said...

Awww that's so sweet what ytou wrote of me, I feel like I don't deserve it!!! I love how your writing's so cursive =DDD And such lovely paper!!! *squeal*

OH OH And I love your new blog layout! Strawberries for the win!! Super adorable! It really reminds me of cath kidston designs! Do you know her? I think you will like them a lot! o0o0o and I was peeking at Ochi's comment about conterfiet on ebay, which is one reason why I never buy branded items on ebay either, super scary, OR i make sure they are authentic sellers, I love the purse forum, have you heard about it? They will often post sellers with are legit =)

Sigh right now Im lusting over a new bag and am trying to save for it AND my trip in November, wah so many things at once! =( my bf says Im so spoiled, but how?! Im paying for all these things myself! ><