♥ Old Fashioned Onion Rings

Had an onion sitting on the kitchen table top for a long time and didnt quite know what to do with it. Then an idea struck me: Homemade Onion Rings! So i quickly googled for a recipe, and you can access the recipe here... A simple and hassle-free snack:)


suki pooki said...

This is a great idea for a quick snack alright! Looks delicious, just missing some ketchup!! I love ketchup hahahahahaha did you use any condiments for it? I know lots of people prefer the "original" taste!

the name of your blog is perfect for your cooking style haha you bf is so lucky too to be your piggy! It's nice that you put so much though and feelings into your blog title! I wish I could say the same about mines =P

btw! take your time with the writing tag! Im super curious to see it though =P

Mica said...

i'm definitely a condiments person! ketchup is one of my faves, but i had these onion rings with SOS Maggi Chilli Sauce! :) The boyfren however is the total opposite, he likes to maintain the original taste of whatever he eats. can u believe it? he likes wedges just like tat, no sour cream, no sweet chilli! faints~~ i cant do without sweet chilli for sure!

btw, have u tried ketchup spread on bread and eaten like a sandwich? haha i used to love doing that as a child...