♥ edie vintage

My very first Ebay purchase from Edie Vintage arrived in the mail today! 2 pairs of very cute polkadotted clip-on earrings Just in case you dont already know, i cant resist polkadots and hearts, they're 2 patterns which i absolutely love to bits. So when i came across these 2 pairs of earrings on Ebay, after pages and pages of browsing under the category "clip earrings", i went OMG, I SO GOTTA HAVE THEM and immediately added them into my Ebay purchasing cart. Boy am i glad to say they're such gorgeous darlings, and they only cost me AUD$16 each, postage is absolutely freeeeeeee

i know i will, Laura!


ochikeron said...

Hi mica!

I understand you!!! How exciting to get what you want ;)

I know that kind of BINGO feeling, hehe

☆~Jenia~☆ said...

Aw those earrings are so CUTE!! I really like the way you take the pictures, it just makes everything look so sweet :)
Thank you! I worked hard on those nails, now I am completing 2 more sets and will upload them tomorrow probably..^^

josephinechoo said...


Cute earrings!!!! I love something vintage too..

suki pooki said...

These are super cute earrings! I love the polka dot pattern I think it looks good on anything! Oh and it's awesome that the postage was free, I just hate it when I want to buy something, which is affordable but I end up not purchasing it because the postage price is way too ridiculous!!! Sometimes I see prices go as high as 15$+ I think that's a lot to pay for postage, especially if Im only ordering something small and light!

suki pooki said...

Hey Mica!!!! Long time no blog for both of us hahahah

Im not loving the mac lip gloss from the quite cute collection because it applies more of a white than a real coral colour and I don't really like putting that on top of my nude lipstick, makes me look extra dead hahaha Oh that sucks the lipstick you liked was out of stock but yes, mac stuff sells so fast it's very scary hahaha I usually avoid going directly to the mac stores and rather I go to the mac counters that we have at some department stores, they usually have things in stock since the location isn't so popular =D

I hope you get to find some new lip sticks that you like, I know Im still on a lipstick hunt! I really want a nice coral colour for summer, though it seems summer isn't going to be for awhile =(

Hope your doing well!!!

Kym said...

How CUTE! I love them!!! i'm also a fan of polka dots... which is a little funny because i have this weird "fear" of circles.. usually patterned, clumped, and textured. hhaha! I know ... weird right? i'm going to go check out Edies website now! :D