♥ yoghurt with crumble & crushed oreos

A very moody me with overgrown bangs en route to the shopping mall... So anyways, I got outta the wrong side of bed. I've got the mid-week blues. I need... comfort food. The bf saw that moody cloud hover over my head & he knows a moody me spells trouble (laughs) cuz i'll be picking on every single thing to grumble/complain about and basically just fussing and whining about every thing and any thing. So he said he'll buy me yoghurt. Why yoghurt you might ask? Don't be mistaken, i'm not a yoghurt addict nor a lover of it. It's just that we had been wanting to try out that newly opened yoghurt stall at Chadstone for a long time now. And since we have yet to try it out, he suggested... yoghurt.

I had the original flavoured yoghurt and added couple of toppings: crumble & crushed oreos. I loooooove the crumble but i cant say the same for the yoghurt. There's a strong (milky-ish) flavour that i definitely didnt adore. But i'm happy the bf made the effort to a cheer up a very moody me~

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