blood is boiling!!!!

At 2:06am, i am:

  • watching the Liverpool v Tottenham match;
  • getting my blood boiled;
  • getting EXTREMELY agitated;
  • swearing endlessly at the TV;
  • wondering why the referee is so FUCKING biased; and
  • hoping the referee will go to hell.


The Cat Hag said...

Babe, dun kill me after you read this haha.

I used to be a crazy Soccer fan since I was 12 till the year my favourite soccer player left my favourite team...

It's none other than Roy Keane and Manchester United.

I actually met the team too when they came to Singapore, was absolutely star-struck when I saw Roy Keane and Alex Ferguson face to face... Almost melted and died haha.

David Beckham was a wuss though, and I actually saw him walking out of one of the houses where he had cheated on Victoria with another girl. 0.0

Anyways, I spent many a night screaming at referees haha, especially Champions League games. ;)

Hope you feel better kay, there is always the next game to get the glory back, and the next season, ♥

I dun really shop much in the city, which cardi are you talking about?

Hehe I should get your phone number so I can BBM or whatsapp you and vice versa!

Yep my Bunny is Singaporean and he is actually pretty okie to my Sanrio madness. Guess he has not much choice. ;)

In Singapore, I like to go to the Sanrio at Lido (it is super well-stocked), the Sanrio shop in Suntec (I am a member haha) and the Sanrio in Taka.

Sometimes I will go Chinatown, 313 or anywhere I hear there is a Sanrio stockist.

Ahhhhh and dun talk about SG food, I am dying for a plate of roast chicken rice, and some cheese prata. T.T

I am hopeless at hair styling too!!! Hehe but I figured I better try to look better if I am going to be posting outfits lest people get super turned off by me.

The hair rollers are easy for me to use, and I am thinking of getting another set with jumbo rollers for bigger curls soon. :)

Did I just type an essay to you?! Haha.

The Cat Hag

ochikeron said...

Hi mica,

my darling loves to watch that kind of match...
sounds exciting but the referee... X(

so how was the game?!

Anonymous said...

I feel you. I experienced the same yesterday while watching ice hockey world cup (this is so not me but Sweden is in the finals so got into it), started cursing out loud only to realise i'm holding the baby. LOL.

ochikeron said...

hi mica! you know what!? i thought this match was K1 or something... i'm not a big sport fan, so i really don't know anything... my darling loves any kind of sport. i don't know why but guys like to watch sports, right?! hehe

suki pooki said...

Ahahahaha Mica you are soooo cute and funny!!!! Getting so mad over a soccer game! =P I know I know it's not JUST a soccer game but THE soccer game right? hahaha my bf and dad also get really mad at "biased" referees too! I honestly think they get paid under the table!!!

But anyways, moving on to happy things =D

Oh no! That's too bad for the Rilakkuma phone case! hahaha don't worry I drop lots of things into the toilet before too -.- I am very clumsy! >< OH And yes I've been thinking of switching over to wordpress because I hear that sometimes blogger will randomly delete whole blogs!!! Can you imagine your whole blog being deleted?! OMG I think I would faint! T_T

Tis' okay becuase I am unemployed at the moment too, we can be unemployed together and leech off our bfs and parents! =D hahah jkjk of course that is not good but remember school first! haha I check my inbox everyday but I know what you mean because before I wouldn't ever use my hotmail or email too! I wish you best of luck with all your endeavors!