Onigiri: Mini Japanese Rice Balls

After watching Ochi's onigiri video couple days back, I decided to attempt to make some myself! I grocery shopped at the Asian grocer's and bought 4 packets of furikake (rice seasoning). I can't read japanese, so i can only guess what they are from the pictures & from a couple of chinese characters that are printed on the packets. So i think i bought: plum rice seasoning, salmon rice seasoning (?) (i think it tastes abit salmony, but i cant be sure. Ochi, is it salmon? haha, u can be my co-contributor to this post), vegetable rice seasoning, & bonito flakes rice seasoning (?) (Ochi, did i get it right? ^.^ Correct me if i'm wrong, & i'll edit the post later!) Anyways they all tasted good, i liked the plum rice seasoning, because it's a bit sourish (appetite whetting) & it looks pretty with the purplish bits:)

Da-dang! That's my masterpiece, mini onigiri (aka mini japanese rice balls). As i was mentioning to Ochi previously over at her blog, my honey bear likes smaller-portioned food/dishes; he loses most of his appetite when food is huge (e.g. when meat slices are huge & thick or when stems of vege are not chopped into half), so i always have to beautify my dishes abit, making them look pretty, and of course, everything has to be smaller-portioned! So instead of making the usual huge triangular onigiri, i made mini-sized onigiri; i think they look very pretty^_^ It takes a much longer time than the usual sized ones, n my legs ached from standing too long in front of the kitchen table, rolling, wetting my hands, rolling, wetting my hands, etc. But i'm glad they turned out fine & that my honey bear likes them:) When my honey bear's happy, i'm happier *_^

(p.s. I served these mini onigiri with HK-style curry fish balls. Weird combination i know, but my honey bear was craving for curry fish balls at the same time, so i decided to cook that too. My bf makes the weirdest suggestions sometimes!)

Decided to embed Ochi's onigiri video, for those who want to try making some onigiri! Her instructions are clear and the steps are easy, purrrrrrrfect! Good Luck with your onigiri making, i certainly did have fun:)


Shoe said...

Oh man, these look amazing! I have no idea where I'd find them in England, but I'm living vicariously through your blog anyway :)

ochikeron said...

mica!!!!!!! thanks a lot for your try!!!!!!! i know the recipe is too easy for you. hehe

your bf is cute. he likes foods in bite-size! haha

i have a question. this is my favorite furikake (mazekomi wakame series), so i know how they all taste. didn't your rice balls taste too strong?! i think the images on the packages use too much furikake… i know you always follow the image to make foods, so i wondered. i regret that i didn't make an instruction of this furikake.

and to answer your question, 明太子 is seasoned cod roe. we eat this with rice, so it's a popular furikake in Japan. 若菜 is kind of pickled green leaf vegetable. and yes 青じそ is plum and shiso leaf furikake. And おかか is bonito flakes. my darling loves plum one! like you say, it's appetite whetting, so that's why. hehehe my favorite is bonito flakes ;) bonito goes really good with mayonnaise, too!

i really thank you again! your presentation is too perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cat Hag said...

This looks so yummy!

I actually went through a Japanese food phase and made a lot of Japanese food including sushi rolls etc. And I have like almost 20 seaweed cutters and almost 20 little Sanrio sushi rice molds.

Hehe me thinks it might be time to take them all out again. ;)

I should take a photo of my Rilakkuma Soap Bottles, they are my favourite Rilakkuma item out of the many I own hehe.

I am sure you must have seen it before, their friend the cute little yellow chick is actually floating inside the bottle.

Haha next post is actually the Lanvin shoes followed by the Miu Miu ones. Can't wait to post it since it is my favourite outfit thus far.

I have so many delayed posts I know!

I get so many rejection emails a day!! I am already immune to it all hehe, need to get my shop started.

Anyways good luck, since you went to so many interviews, it should be yours!

Update me bout it kay. ♥

The Cat Hag

suki pooki said...

These rice balls look delicious!!! Im like your bf too and like mini portioned foods!! They are so cute and for some reason, taste better too hahahahaha I love onigiri in general though =P You two are so sweet to each other, I feel so bad that I can't cook for my bf now, okay maybe when I see him again I'll make him bagels AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =P

KANI said...

umm.. YUM!
trust the japanese to come up with such creative dishes, reminds me of meatballs.. but rice (no idea why i typed metaballs three times instead of meatballs)