♥ Irresistible Pancakes!

We met up with some friends on Saturday for yumcha at Golden Dragon Palace in Doncaster. It's our 1st time dining there. They had quite a wide dim sum selection and it was nice to just sit around, chit chat, and catch up on each other's latest updates. No snapshots from the dim sum session unfortunately! It wouldnt be nice to ask all 8 friends to pause with each dim sum order so that i could get a snapshot, so maybe next time if i revisit the place! Something funny happened at the end of the yumcha session, all of us were so blur!! The bill amounted to a total of $164; so we pooled together our individual share, but instead of putting $200, we put in $250! Silly billies we were, really. I saw the waiter stare long and hard at our bill $$, but it didnt dawn on me at that point in time. When we finally realized our folly, we laughed it off 1st, then commented on how careless we have been and how we cant be trusted with $$, and then started to worry that the restaurant would regard the excess $$ as tips! >_< Haha, well they did not, and we got back our change *phew*

After dim sum/yumcha, we decided on coffee at the nearby Pancake Parlour. No1 could resist the lure of fluffy pancakes and aromatic coffee at the Pancake Parlour! On our way out from Pancake Parlour, my honey stopped in front of a really vintage lollies machine and said he wanted to have a go at it, so we each took our respective turns. I was so disappointed because i only managed to grab 1 lolly whereas my honey had 4! *sobs* He did share his with me of course ^_^


KANI said...

ive never been a fan of pancakes.. you should try the waffles at max brenner though!! mmmm

KANI said...

ps the mickey mouse sunnies were from 80s purple! $10 :)

Sher said...

Oh the pancake parlour looked amazing! I would go just for that vintage lollies machine itself!!

ochikeron said...

Hi Mica!!!

I totally understand that it is not easy to take photos while gathering with friends!!! Sometimes my friends say they will wait for me to take pics (because they know I post on my blog) but I always say I don't mind. hahaha And really I don't, because I feel very bad making them wait. I only take pics with my darling ;)

Good for you that you returned!!! I once did the same thing while with my friends... One of the guys who paid the bill was pretty drunk and I thought he didn't put any tip, so I put additional 40 bucks or more on the table... which actually was too much and the drunk guy said he included the tips in the bill X(
I once worked with the owner chef, so I try to think that I was rich... but actually not! My kindness was really careless..

suki pooki said...

Wah! Those lollis are called rockets where I live and they're VERY popular during Halloween, mostly because it's a very cheap candy to buy in bulk! hahaha thus they were once my most hated candies because I'd get half a bag full of them during my trick or treating session but I don't mind them now =)

Oh I know what you mean about paying excess tips and hoping that the waiter doesn't think it's tip! I think over here it is customary to give the customer change even if it's only a few dollars or a few cents! That way the person can tip appropriately and to their liking, but I find that americas tip way more! In vancouver it's normally 10-15% depending on where you eat bu in America it was 18-20%!! Holy cow!

Unfortunately I am very far away from my chanel bag target hahaha I've decided to get the lv noe first and then chanel at a later date, I do love both bags but I think noe will be adorable in the summer time =) Oh and I agree that nude lipsticks neutralize redness much better than any other colour!!! Because....how can red minimize red right? haha I think it might also be a good idea to use lip concealer too, I've heard about them but have yet to buy one myself, I think some people just use regular concealer on their lips...but that sounds a bit strange to me =P I haven't found a coral lipstick yet! ><

The Cat Hag said...

Awww you look so cute haha looking sadly at your one sweet. ♥♥

I buy my Miss Marc from boutiques mostly in Singapore or Hong Kong.

Sometimes online at www.shopbop.com.

Hehe I also have a friend who loves Miss Marc so she keeps a lookout for me whenever she goes shopping as well.

Anyhoo, I am almost 100% sure you would get the job, I have a really good feel bout it!

And I can't quite remember what stuff I buy cos I buy so many things everywhere and almost everyday haha but I believe I not only bought Decole, Sanrio and San-X stuff, I also got some Mercibeaucoup or Ne-Net stuff from there. :)

Hope you are having a nice warm day sweetie!

The Cat Hag

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I'm drooling. x hivenn

Lia Waroka Putri said...

omg the pancake parlour looks so awesome! <3

KyandiiCandy said...

I can't see your comment anymore at my blog! so strange XD but anyways i still got it in my mail inbox =D very special restaurant! and the pancakes looks good! mostly i will make pancake at home because it's so easy XD wahah but normally i can't eat more than 3 pancakes waha. And my Hello Kitty shoes are not from Birkenstocks wahah they are just from Sanrio! =D bought it in a shop in Amsterdam XD I have a pair of birkenstocks but those Kitty don't walk that comfort as birkenstocks. The weather here isnt as hot as last week XD wahah hope it will get warmer! x