♥ Late Autumn Snapshots

Tuesday, 3 May 2011:
Capturing the beauty of late Autumn here in Melbourne!


ochikeron said...

hi mica!!!

beautiful pics!!! u are really good at taking pics!!! when i was at your age, and now..., i couldn't take pics like yours...

late autumn!? i thought australia is summer all year!!!

u know maxi dress!!! now it's very popular in japan, too!!!

suki pooki said...

Gorgeous autumn photos Mica!!! It's so weird how our season are completely opposite hahahaha it's finally starting to warm up here and get warm! Flowers are blooming and I see the blue sky more too =)

Reading Ochi's comment: I love maxi dresses but it sucks Im such a shorty and haven't found one that works for me or makes me look even stubbier!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

gorgeous gorgeous pictures!