♥ Chanel clip-on earrings

My first pair of Chanel clip-on earrings~ a gift from the boyfren :)

The boyfren and myself walked past Chanel and were commenting on how sweet the pair of baby pink ribboned earrings in the display window were, when i casually asked the boyfren whether he thought Chanel would have, within its current store collection, clip-on earrings? I asked within and boy was i glad i decided to enquire about it!

Simple design but elegant style. Love!!!


suki pooki said...

WOW! Darling earrings!! Were they super pricey? I am currently saving up for a Chanel bag (it's going very slowly btw lol) they are so expensive, Im second thinking if it is worth it for just a bag, I try and think about all the things I could do and buy with 2600$USD!!!! but I will decide when I finally have all the money accumulated =p

Im glad they made clip on ones so you can wear them! btw is there any special reason why you don't have ear holes? Are you allergic? Because I know some of my friends are allergic to costume jewelery and must wear real gold/silver! Pricey! lol

Mica said...

for a chanel bag? Of cuz it's worth it!!!! haha~ i wish i can be that saving, but it'd take me forever cuz i spend more than i actually save :(

they cost AUD$300 when i bought it @ the boutique. but guess wat? i was eBaying that night n i saw the exact same earrings on sale for more than its actual retail price! i think the seller was asking for abt AUD342? craziness~~~~~

i did have ezcema problems when i was much younger n my mum is afraid that my skin would react in a bad fashion if i were to get ear holes. n i've actually witnessed some really bad infections that a couple of frens had. so that, coupled with the fact that i have a VERY LOW pain tolerance, i've been putting it off. i'm glad for clip-on earrings! but there's really not much around :(