♥ the weekend at luna park/st. kilda

The weekend weather was awesome; warm and sunny. I was so happy because the boyfren decided to forgo his weekend soccer game to keep me company!! So we decided to make a trip down to St. Kilda.

Entrace of Luna Park (amusement park) at St. Kilda. We had to get tickets to sit the rides. The boyfren is not an amusement park rides lover, so we only bought 2 single ride tickets to ride the Carousel! :)

My most favourited amusement park ride: the Carousel. Riding the carousel does not give you that type of adrenaline feeling that a roller coaster ride does, but it does conjure up fairytale-like scenes in the mind. I've got an idea; I'll love to have a set of wedding photographs taken with the Carousel as backdrop or with it as the main theme for that set of photos! It'd be awesome if the background music is "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" (my most favourited English Oldies) as the carousel takes its rounds. It'd be such a romantic scene! *-*

the boyfren...

we stopped for some snapshots infront of a curved distortion mirror! ^_^

Fairy Floss or Churro? I want them both! hehe~

Took a sit on the table-top of a snow cone cart to pose off as a model for a snapshot. I'm such a vainpot n a dreamer~~

Lying with my loved one on the platform @ the beach, watching the clouds drift by, and just enjoying the light breeze... 

We walked along the beach collecting seashells!

Had a lovely day at the amusement park and the beach with my dear, everything felt perfect :)

Luna Park by night...

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suki pooki said...

Wow this place looks super fun! As you can see Im slowly catching up and rereading your previous posts LOL hope I don't appear stalkerish =P

The park by night looks a it frightening I have to admit!! OMG scary, the more I look at it!*scrolls up* hahahah OMG fairy floss!!!!!! OMG I know how you use that name! Over here in america it's known as Cotton Candy!! But I think fair floss sounds so much nicer and more magical =P I can never decide between carnival snacks too!!! But sometimes I find them outrageously priced!

That's a beautiful carousel! I think it would make a great addition to a wedding theme!! hehehehe is that a hint?!