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Welcome to my cozy little corner, the chef and her guinea piggie.

As a child, i loved playing “masak masak” (make-belief cooking) with my younger brother. I was the chef and he was almost always the waiter of my cozy little eatery (oh yes, he did complain heaps about always being assigned the all-important waiter role!). Our bedroom was the oil & smoke-infused kitchen and our study table was the customer’s table. We had a menu & we took orders with a pen & notebook. Those were such fun-filled childhood days and just thinking back on the good old days fills my heart with much warmth.

After we’ve all grown older, we play “masak masak” no more and homecooked food is now a luxury. It has been replaced by takeaway/eat-out food for many years now. Back home in Singapore, we eat out 3 meals every day). I miss the warmth & love that used to overflow from home cooked dishes and hope to rekindle that spark with my simple home cooking. I love to cook for the people i love, especially my special someone, who continues to be my most loyal supporter and enthusiastic guinea piggie. It really fills me with much happiness. I therefore sincerely hope u’ll enjoy browsing through my posts! [p.s. I’m relatively new to blogging, so please do be patient and friendly with me!]

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