♥ sweet heartshape patterned leggings

Weather has gotten progressively colder so it is good excuse to be shopping around for leggings, stockings, knee-length socks etc! I recently bought a new pair of very sweet leggings from Leona Edmiston, patterned with small red hearts!!


suki pooki said...

sexy sexy leggings! My bf detest panty hose, as we talked about before lol and it hasn't changed for him! Though I've tried very hard! Oh wells! After discovering leggings I haven't bought a pair of jeans yet! I love leggings and only wear leggings, it's weird right? LOL

Mica said...

my boyfren doesnt quite like leggings too, so he usually doesnt comment much on them. but he does noe i'm CRAZY abt hearts patterned items, so he was all for it when i bought this particular one (he had betta! lol~).

leggings are really comfy and u can never have enuff of them. there's so many colours, so many patterns, textures, etc. it's so hard to choose sumtimes, esp. when i'm on a tight budget! >_< n to top it off, i'm usually v fickle-minded and cant make up my mind about stuff, so shopping can sumtimes be quite a stressful event!