♥ Spicy Sichuan Deepfried Beef Chitterlings

We revisited (巴国布衣) Ba Guo Bu Yi Tooraking Fine Chinese Cuisine at Toorak Road very soon for more spicy sichuan food (click here for snapshots of the food we had during our previous visit). The boyfren and especially myself have been lacking in appetite lately and strong flavoured spicy sichuan food is the perfect attempt to whet our very poor appetites!

Deepfried lean beef chitterlings. Very spicy but utterly tasty!

Sweet & spicy pork strips stirfried with fish fragrant sauce (鱼香肉丝). I looooove this dish because it has a strong vinegarish flavour! Very appetitizing indeed!

Taro paste rolls (orh-nee rolls) (香芋卷). Somehow, these were not as good as the deepfried and steamed mantou platter.

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